StartupCU Members Invited: Nicole Glaros “How do you fit into the entrepreneurial ecosystem?”

You are invited to an ATLAS talk this Monday –
How do you fit into the entrepreneurial ecosystem?
Presented by Nicole Glaros, entrepreneur and managing director of TechStars Boulder, a leading startup accelerator program.

4 p.m. this Monday, Oct. 15, ATLAS Cofrin Auditorium, Rm 100,

Free and open to the public. Seating is first-come, first-served.

Nicole Glaros will discuss Colorado’s evolving entrepreneurial ecosystem and the hows and whys of entrepreneurship for students.

She’ll explore the importance of passion, innovation and leadership in entrepreneurship and startups.

She will also examine the questions:

  • What can entrepreneurship mean for students and society?
  • How can entrepreneurship transform the economy and society?
  • As a student, how do you fit into the entrepreneurial ecosystem?
  • Why is this important?


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