StartupCU Helps You Be An Entrepreneur

A couple months ago CU News interviewed me about entrepreneurship on campus and my story. I started at the beginning with and ended with some of the cool things happening at CU like StartupCU, the nLab, and the GEA. They loved that StartupCU is a place for people wanting to become entrepreneurs and made a video about it (see below). I think the video turned out great. Big thanks to all those who helped make StartupCU what it is today. A couple people specifically are @davidvanderjagt, Daniel Higgs, John Byler, @mathiasfrese@anewmann, Eva Yao, Paul Jerde, and Brad Bernthal. Also, big thanks to all you members who come every month. Your attendance sends a strong message to the community and the nation that CU is the #1 public university for entrepreneurship in the county.


Ben Buie | @benbuie