StartupCU Sept. 19th Meeting

Fellow Creators,

Hope you all enjoyed August’s presentation with Carly Gloge from UBooly about “Getting Into TechStars,” as well as the pitches from startups FirstFunder and Twoology.

Get pumped for September’s meeting featuring Tim Falls, CU alumni (’10)! As a former student, Tim has one of the best perspectives about deciding to pursue the startup world both during and after his CU tenure.

Tim Falls LinkedIn profile

Speaker: Tim Falls, Community Guy @SendGrid

Topic:  “Student to Startup: everything you should know about making the transition, or not…”

An interactive conversation about the experience of moving from full-time student to full-time startup employee.
We’ll discuss things like:
  • How to choose between startup and big corporation… “Do I want the security and peace of mind or risk and uncertainty?”
  • How to pick the right startup… “Which company is right for me?”
  • How to prepare for the startup life… “What should I expect, as an early employee?”
  • How to get the most out of the experience… “What if we fail? What if we succeed?”


Tim kicked off his startup career as a summer associate for TechStars-Boulder in 2009. From there, Tim earned his MBA at CU Leeds School of Business and went on to join SendGrid (one of the ’09 TechStars companies) as their sixth employee.

After establishing SendGrid’s marketing program, Tim moved into a community development role. He now manages an international, distributed team of Developer Evangelists and travels the globe building relationships and helping developers tackle big challenges and spark innovation around email as a platform.

In his “free time,” Tim produces Boulder Beta, a quarterly startup mixer that brings together the Colorado business and academic communities for good times and productive conversation, while showcasing the area’s freshest entrepreneurial talent.


Thank you for helping us make the University of Colorado the leading public university for entrepreneurship in the country

See you on September 19th!

Event Update:

As always, the event was well attended (43 members), our speaker, Tim Falls, did a great job sharing some tips on going from student to startup, and the business pitch was informative. However, the most exciting part of the meeting to me was the fact that we had a full open mic session where people shared what they are working on and asked for help.