Pitch at StartupCU

Pitching your business is one of the best thing to practice as an entrepreneur and StartupCU can help you do that. You’ll need a solid pitch to find investors, motivated co-founders, and good employees. As a community of entrepreneurs, StartupCU gives you candid, encouraging, and experienced feedback on your idea and helps you connect with mentors and co-founders. Each pitch timeslot is 15 min. So, for example, if you are needing feedback on an idea you have, you could do a 3 min pitch and get 12 min of Q&A. If, on the other hand, you have an established business and are looking for co-founders, you could do a 10 min pitch and 5 min Q&A. You can use the time however you want. The one requirement is that you come prepared with a question you would like to ask the the club.