Howdy! My name is Ben Buie (pronounced /ˈbo͞o-ē/ like in the ocean) and I’m passionate/obsessed with technology and entrepreneurship. I’m a dad of two energetic boys (2 and 4) and therefore, a wrestler on the living room floor and a player in the backyard, a husband of my spunky and fun wife, a strummer of guitar, a biker (not of the black-leather-jacket-and-tattoo type, but more of the pedal-bike-ride-to-work kind), a devourer of Reece’s Pieces, an artist who is starving for time to practice, a supporter of freedom and liberty, a fluent speaker of Russian, a youTube partner, a meticulous coder, a top graduate of business school, and a current MBA student.

Job Description: The Community Guy is responsible for the creation of good times and stellar learning. To the StartupCU ‘treps this means bringing in established and successful entrepreneurs with killer presentations of entrepreneurial “how-to’s,” and all other things community-related. You can find Dave meeting yet another person at a random coffee shop in Boulder…working his calves at the CU Rec Center…or buried under a pile of books in a dark corner of the Leeds School of Business as he plods his way through an MBA focused on Entrepreneurship and Marketing. Contact him at David.VanderJagt@colorado.edu.


Alex Newmann is a Sales Manager at PivotDesk, a graduate of the TechStars program. He is a full time MBA student at the University of Colorado, Boulder, focusing in venture capital, finance, and entrepreneurship. He is the Director of Portfolio Management at the Deming Center Venture Fund, where he contributes experience in the areas of business development, finance, entrepreneurship, and technology to the DCVF team. Alex is a co-founder of StartUp CU, a cross campus entrepreneurship pitch and idea generation club connecting students across campus with each other and the community. He is very active in the tech Boulder/Denver community and prides himself on building long lasting relationships. Alex has extensive experience working in real estate, telecommunications, business banking, and financing. He specializes in business development, sales, negotiation, technical presentation, financial forecasting, and cash flow management. Alex holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Iowa and alumni of the professional business fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi. He is an avid skier and trained martial artist, practicing Krav Maga, Muay Thai, and BJJ.
Alex Newmann  |  MBA Candidate 2013
University of Colorado at Boulder
Ph: 303-304-4844 |  anewmann@gmail.com
@anewmann |  www.linkedin.com/in/alexnewmann


Mathias is a renaissance man originally from the east coast. When he is not on his motorcycle exploring Colorado, he is hitting the books on the way to earning his MBA.  Prior to being a full time student, Mathias had the opportunity to develop and play with expensive and powerful machines, mostly tanks and helicopters, while employed as an engineer. In the little spare time he has, Mathias likes to cook for his wife or fabricate in his garage, both of which he does with modest success.  Linked In: www.linkedin.com/in/mathiasfrese