July 2012 Event

IMPORTANT: this meeting will be in ATLAS room 100 instead of our usual meeting spot.

Although we’ve been slow at getting the word out, we will be meeting in July. Toby Krout, Co-CEO of Atomic 20 and co-founder of Scrib, will be talking about his entrepreneurial journey and how co-working fits into that.

Speaker: Toby Krout

BIO: Toby Krout is the Managing Partner of Boulder Marketing agency Atomic20. Atomic20 was founded in 2010 with the goal of helping businesses grow by bringing together strategists and Boulder creative professionals to execute on individual client projects. At its core, Atomic20 is guided by people’s need to collaborate and create– and to execute with a clear vision.

In 2011 Toby cofounded Scrib, a coworking space in Downtown Boulder. Scrib is a workplace for creative professionals, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and independent workers. Members of the space share ideas, partner on projects, and get things done in an environment designed to foster creativity and community.

Toby Krout graduated from the University of Denver with dual BAs in Environmental Science and Geography. After finishing his degrees in 1995, he began working with startups and quickly discovered a passion for contributing to the entrepreneurial community. He began his career in global and enterprise software with a focus on product development. In 2008 he returned to DU, where he received his MBA. To date, Toby has over 20 years’ experience in Boulder area startups. He has delivered startup solutions to major brands such as Zurich Financial, Ford Motor Company, and Farmers Insurance.