How to Bring High-Profile Talent into Your Startup – feat. Founder & CEO of Green Garage

Fellow Movers & Shakers,

Hope you all enjoyed November’s presenter Nathan Seidle, Founder and CEO of SparkFun Electronics, who spoke about “Open Source Hardware.” You can view and download his full presentation here.

As we’re all pushing through final exams and projects, be sure to set aside next Wednesday evening for December’s meeting featuring Ryan Ferrero, CU alumni (’92) and CEO/Founder of Green Garage. Ryan will be speaking about “How to Bring High-Profile Talent into Your Startup,” and if you’re at all interested in learning how to recruit and build your team or what elements are needed to build a strong organization you won’t want to miss this meeting!

  • When: Wednesday, Dec19th, 6:00-7:30pm
  • Where: Wolf Law room 207
  • Why: Pizza will be served!
  • RSVP Required:
Speaker:  Ryan Ferrero, CEO & Founder of Green Garage
Topic:  How to Bring High-Profile Talent into Your Startup

  Ryan Ferrero is the Founder and Chief Carhugger of Green Garage….a ‘self-described’ recovering car dealer.  After 20 years as a young dealer principal in Northern Colorado, Ferrero took his juxtaposed interests to task, a Boulder-born tree-hugger and car fanatic.  He is a Graduate of CU with an individually structured major, Psycho-Social-Economic Behavior that helped him pave a road to transforming the diseased industry of car care.  Ferrero has assembled a world class team that has prepared for fast growth in a multi-unit retail strategy of both corporate-owned and franchised locations.  Partnering with the Past CEO of Chrysler, Past and Current CEOs of Crispin Porter + Bogusky, 17+ yr Director for Whole Foods, Past President of Starbucks, Founding Partner of Dominos and Founding Partner of Kinkos amongst others.  He is a Past Director for the Bank of Commerce, Past Director and President of Rotary, Past Director for Jeep Marketing, and Chaired a regional Auto Division for United Way and a National Auto Dealer Association 20 Group.ring High-Profile Talent into Your Startup
EVENT FOLLOWUP: We had only 13 people in attendance. This will be the last time we schedule a meeting during finals and so close to Christmas.
Despite the low attendance, we had quite an impressive presentation by Ryan. His story is quite amazing about taking an idea from nothing to getting some amazing talent to work with him. One of the memorable things he said was that your idea needs three things to get people excited: (1) it needs to be explained in one sentence, (2) it needs to have a team that can execute, and (3) it needs to be in a big market.
Big thanks for Ryan for coming. He is definitely someone to watch over the coming years.