House of Genius Internship

Company Name: House of Genius
Contact Info/Supervisor: Tim Williams –
Internship Title: Content Manager
Location: Downtown Boulder and/or Denver
Compensation: $10/hr.
Dates: Immediately for 60 days / ~15 hours per week

House of Genius is in need of someone passionate about content, data, and people to
come and help us get organized. We have accumulated a ton of great information about
people, companies, and truly inspirational/educational stories over the past two years.
We are centralizing data, improving data flow, and organizing content to publish. This
internship will also grant you access to the Boulder/Denver ʻGenius monthly sessions
which can vastly grow your professional network, expose new opportunities, and gain
experience in the heart of entrepreneurial endeavors.

Download the PDF with more info: House-of-genius