Find A Team

It is easier to find a team if you don’t have an idea than it is to find a teammate if you do. We’re working on a good website that helps with team formation, but for the time being, these are some ways to get started:

Get Out And Connect Organically

Just showing up at the many entrepreneurial events at CU and in the community is the best way to form organic connections. Although this is the best way, it is also the hardest and most time consuming. In addition to the events mentioned below, Silicon Flatirons and the NVC have a constant stream of worthwhile events.

Write a Teammate Request

A teammate request is a lot like a job description. If you have an idea but need team members do this first. You can write it however you want, but here are some suggestions: start by describing your company, then describe the help that you need, include the necessary qualifications of a candidate, and then finish with specifics about the opportunity (pay, equity, etc.). It shouldn’t be longer than a page! Send a PDF to the president of the GEA, the leadership of StartupCU, the leadership of the nLab, and the leadership of the NVC.

Write a Team Request

If you don’t have an idea but want to join a team, write a short outline of your qualifications, include the specific ways you could help a startup, also include the types of ideas or industries your interested. Send this to the leadership of StartupCU, the President of the GEA, the leadership of the nLab, and the leadership of the NVC.


Every StartupCU meeting has two student pitches and an open mic session. If you have an idea, you can sign up here for a 15 minute student pitch. These slots go fast, so sign up right now. If you don’t get one, or if you have skills and are looking to join a team, you can always use the open mic to introduce yourself or the opportunity. To know the latest info about meetings, join here. Make sure to bring your Teammate or Team Request to the meeting.

nLab Co-working

Students and mentors get together every week to work on their projects. This is a great opportunity to meet both people working on ideas and people interested in joining teams. Here is the most updated information about these co-working sessions.

nLab Website

If you’re looking for a startup to join, sign up for an account at the nLab and check out the projects other students are working on.

nLab Project

If you’re looking for teammates, post your project on the nLab website. Although it is a bit hard to use, they’ll be updating in with more and better tools for finding teammates. Posting also puts you on the entrepreneurial community radar.

A fellow StartupCU student created a website to help connect students at CU. If you’re looking for a team mate, sign up and search for the help you need.  If you’re looking to join a team, sign up and sync your account with your LinkedIn skills.