CU NVC Pitch Night- Spark your Idea, Find a Mentor, Build a Team

When: October 30th at 5:30pm
Where: Wolf Law Building- Courtroom
RSVP here

This month’s Startup CU meeting will be in connection with the New Venture Challenge pitch night. It is a great opportunity to pitch your startup idea and develop a team for this year’s New Venture Challenge. All the information you need is below and we hope that you participate in this great event.

Pitch Night is not only an opportunity to form teams, but also to meet some of NVC’s mentors. Approximately 30 business mentors will attend Pitch Night – teams can connect with mentors to get guidance on their business plans.

Instructions for anyone wanting to present, join a team, or see what they missed:

Instructions for PRESENTERS
All registered presenters get 1 minute to pitch with an option of submitting a presentation slide (by October 28th). Please RSVP to pitch by Tuesday, October 29th, 11:59pm.

  1. RSVP for Pitch Night and choose the “Pitching at the Event” ticket type.
  2. Fill out the Pitch Registration form: Presenters submit a business description for inclusion on the NVC website. Presenters may also submit 1 PowerPoint slide for addition to the NVC presentation, optional (only slides submitted by 11:59pm, Tuesday, October 29th will be included in the Pitch Night presentation).  Click here for the Pitch Registration form.
  3. Plan a 1-minute pitch, including a description of your business idea and what skills sets you’re looking to add to your team.
  4. Attend Pitch Night on Wednesday, October 30th
  5. Stick around after the event to talk to anyone interested in learning more about your idea. We’ll help organize the room so that people can easily find you.
Elements of a good one-minute pitch:
  1.      The hook: opening that grabs the listener’s attention.
  2.      Brief description of the problem your business solves.
  3.      Consider one or more of the following: how do you solve the problem, how are you different than the competition, or how will you make money?
  4.      An ask: are you looking for investors, mentors, or team members?
  5.      A memorable closing.

 Nicole Glaros of TechStars suggests this pitch formula: “For [customers] that have [problem x], we [what your company does]. See more on how to pitch here.


  1. Attend Pitch NightRSVP and choose the “Event Attendee” ticket type.
  2. Write down the # of any pitch you’d like to follow up on.
  3. Hang out after the event to talk to the teams you would like to connect with (organized by #).

Instructions for THOSE WHO MISSED Pitch Night

1) Want to join a team? Visit after the event to see a list of teams looking for team members.

2) Want to find team members? Email to get your business idea on the website.