Baumhaur Group Internship

Company Name: Baumhaur Group
Contact Info/Supervisor: Tim Williams –
Internship Title: Community Developer
Location: Downtown Boulder
Compensation: $10/hr.
Dates: Immediately for 60 days / ~15 hours per week

Baumhaur will be launching a new collective to promote creativity creation, a design
community, and entrepreneurial accountability.
We are looking for someone awesome. The job title does not accurately describe our
needs. The ideal candidate for this position will be passionate about design [in all forms]
and have a desire to build great relationships both personally and in business. Broadly,
this opportunity will range from curating community content to customer relationships
and development. More specifically tasks will include, but not be limited to – event
organizing, content creation, customer development, website work, and utilizing tools like
EventBrite, Excel, WordPress, etc.

Download the full description: Baumhaur_Collective_Internship