Aug. 2012 Event

Hello fellow creators,

Welcome and welcome back to CU, the #1 public university for entrepreneurship in the country. I can barely contain my excitement for the first meeting of the new school year. It feels like it’s been forever since we met last and we have a great meetup planned.

Speaker: Carly Gloge

Topic:  “Getting Into TechStars”.  Carly will detail on the what, why, how, her experiences going through the program, and provide advice for aspiring TechStars entrepreneurs in the audience.

BIO: Carly Gloge is the CEO of Ubooly, a company she co-founded in August 2011 with plans to change the toy industry. Prior to Ubooly, Carly launched Warb, a design firm which specialized in interactive media that helped over 100 companies launch their new products & services. She also has experience in graphic and web design with Texas Exes, and as a layout editor/webmaster at El Conquistador.

Academically, Carly has degrees from both the University of Texas at Austin and El Paso Community College where she carried sports scholarships in softball and rowing.
Over the summer of 2012, Ubooly went throught the TechStars accelerator program, essentially putting the company’s growth rate on steroids.


We had 39 people RSVP and had 41 people show up, which is pretty good being that clubs usually have about a 30% no show. If you couldn’t come, you missed one of the best events so far. Carly’s presentation was amazingly helpful and if you want her slide deck, just let me know. I loved Carly’s question at the end, “What are you waiting for?” What are we waiting for? We need to form teams and launch startups. It is true that the first rule of entrepreneurship is “Do Something.”

Kevin did a great job pitching FirstFunder and the thing that impressed me is that he is only a freshman. Thanks for coming and inspiring us. The next pitch by Jeff was at very least entertaining. He made us laugh while explaining the ins and outs of relationships. Unfortunately we didn’t have a lot of time for feedback and questions, but hopefully it was a good learning experience on using your time wisely when pitching.

Overall, the energy in the room was amazing, and I’ve had several people comment on it. For me, the highlight was the open mic. In the past, it has been hard to get people to stand up, but last night we didn’t have enough time to hear them all. Two of the pitches were pretty cool student businesses, and one was a student that works for a tech company in the area. Both student businesses were looking for people to join their team; one for a business person, and the other for a coder. THAT is what this club is all about; making connections, forming teams, and launching startups.

I’m still on cloud nine even a day later. Thanks to everyone who came, and see you next month.

Ben Buie