What is StartupCU?

StartupCU is a cross-campus club for entrepreneurship. It encourages student startups by connecting student entrepreneurs with other students and the Boulder community. This monthly event is open to anyone interested in learning entrepreneurial “how-to’s,” sharing ideas, giving creative feedback, and connecting with like-minded people. We also invite to community to pitch startup job openings, upcoming events, and pitch ideas and businesses if you are looking for student involvement.

  • Help make CU the #1 public university for entrepreneurship in the country
  • Connecting student entrepreneurs across campus with other students and with and the community
  • Inspire entrepreneurship and share tactics
  • Increase startups that succeed
  • Connect students to co-founders, team members, mentors
  • Give experienced, intelligent, valuable and friendly feedback on ideas and businesses

Sign Up To Pitch

Pitching your business is one of the best thing to practice as an entrepreneur and StartupCU can help you do that. Sign up to pitch at StartupCU.com/pitch

Meeting Agenda

  • Introductions and snacks
  • Startup job openings or upcoming events (~ 5 min open mic)
  • Entrepreneurial inspiration/how-to (~20 min w/Q&A)
  • Two 15 min pitch sessions (varying pitch time, w/Q&A (sign up here)
  • Pitch open mic (~20 min)
  • Networking